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Hurricane Michael, Panama City Beach, and GFaith Media.
Panama City Beach, Florida –
Here at Gfaith Media we are praying for the thousands of Florida families affected by Hurricane Michael. Our owners, interns, and staff members all live and work in Panama City Beach, Florida. Thankfully, everyone affiliated with our company and their families have “checked in” safe in the past week.
While our developers and designers are still hard at work on the Gfaith app, we will be focusing our efforts on the community and self-care for the next few weeks. As soon as we are able, we will resume product development at full speed.
Now more than ever, we know that building a tech company like Gfaith is important work for the Florida Gulf Coast. Gfaith is committed to retaining the Panhandle’s best tech-talent, creating high paying jobs, and to solidifying a long term academic-business-tech partnership for aspiring STEM entrepreneurs.
Our corporate charter to give 70% of net profits back to our heroes and the first responder community will be an important part of the Panhandle’s recovery story. May God Bless the great people in the Panhandle of Florida.
Bryan Joy, Founder & CEO @ Gfaith Media