22 March 2019
Panama City Beach, Florida
Bay County’s veteran-owned tech company, Gfaith, is redefining tech expectations and offering online alternatives for people of Christian faith.
Gfaith, a veteran-owned, Bay County tech startup, has partnered with Fifthstone, LLC for its first global product release. This month, a revolutionary online tool will connect Christians worldwide — starting right here in Panama City Beach.
Gfaith, owned by husband-and-wife team Bryan Joy and Camille Chigi, has partnered with Fifthstone, LLC, owned by fellow veteran Joshua Reid, to launch its first mobile product for Christians around the world, called the Gfaith Library.
The Gfaith Library gives pastors, public speakers, and podcasters a mechanism to upload their work in an audio format to This makes their content readily available to a worldwide audience. Users can then search the database by topic or keyword, matching their interests and concerns to relevant Christian teachings and talks. Custom coded, this capability doesn’t exist anywhere else on the worldwide web.
“The Gfaith Library is an upload tool for pastors, and a download tool for users,” said Joy, Gfaith’s CEO and a Marine Corps veteran. “Josh built the Gfaith Library right here in the 850. He’s a graduate of the EOD Dive School here at Naval Station Panama City, and returned to the area to develop products for people of faith. We’ve partnered through Gfaith to launch this product and several other exciting products for Christians in 2019 and 2020.”
Gfaith also has a corporate charter to support veterans, with an unprecedented 70% of profits committed back to the military community.
Gfaith’s slogan is “Connect the Kingdom,” everything we do is towards that end. The goal is to easily connect overseas missionaries to soccer moms in Seattle, or youth group pastors in Dallas to a teen outreach in Nairobi. Josh was inspired to build the Gfaith Library because he knew “Sunday sermons” could go farther than the 4 walls of their church. Unlike other “sermon software” that uploads an entire church service onto a server, usually in 30 minute chunks, the Gfaith Library condenses that sermon down to 3-4 minute bites…which are searchable by topic. This is revolutionary, because it allows users to listen to 5, 6, or 7 different Gfaith clips in the time they could listen to 1 standard clip. This gives users more variety, options, and exposure…and is only available through Gfaith. Free for users to search, pastors pay a small fee to upload their content, which we make available to the world.
The Gfaith Library is available now at and is 100% mobile friendly.
“Here at Gfaith, we’re building a pipeline of exciting mobile products right here in Panama City Beach for Christians around the world. The Panhandle has some of the smartest and most reliable people coming out of its six military bases. In addition, schools like Gulf Coast State College and FSU are training young people in key areas of tech, cyber security, and web development. Gfaith is committed to hiring and partnering with these great Panhandle institutions and launching the best products in technology.” – Joy.
For more information, contact Joy at 850-890-9434 or