Searching With Keywords

How to perform an effictive search
Basic Searching:

Performing a basic keyword search is straightforward. After adding a single keyword, our system will search the message archive for every audio file that mentions your keyword of choice.

Please remember that although you can search for words such as "Jesus", "Christ" and "God", these searches won't be particularly helpful. Most, if not all, Christian messages will mention these words multiple times.

For best results, search for keywords that will narrow your pool of messages to choose from. For example, "Baptism", "Goliath" and "Peter".
Advanced Searching:

Performing a well executed, multi-keyword search is an incredibly precise way to locate the information you're searching for. Our system allows you to not only search for single words inside an audio file but also to search for stories and illustrations.

This is accomplished by picking a couple of words that describe what you're looking for. For example, to search the archive for the story in Matthew 8:28, you could perform a keyword search for "cliff" and "pigs". A search for these words will quickly locate messages where the pastor spoke about Jesus casting demons into the pigs after which, they ran off a cliff.

Notice you don't have to type these keywords in any specific order. They don't even have to be spoken back-to-back in the sermon. Our system takes your keywords and searches within a relevant timeframe for matches. So there could be 2 words between your keywords or twenty. It doesn't matter. The system will still find a match.