We are all made in God's image.

A Righteous Storm is on the Way.

Bringing God's Message to U.S. Troops All Over the World.

He Left the 99 to Find Me.

No Matter the Storm, You Are Not Alone.


To Equip all People and Organizations with the Courage, Skills and Tools to achieve total Spiritual, Mental, and Physical wellness.


gfaith seeks to deliver various Christian content through searchable sermons, personal-video testimonials, music, podcasts, vlogs, blogs and more. We leverage technology to hear and share your stories of faith to reach people in real-time, serving in the military and around the world.

WHAT IS gfaith

gfaith stands for ‘Guerrilla Faith’. We are a team of business professionals that united to create a Christ centered platform for companies, individuals and the military community to openly engage in their beliefs at work, at school, and on social media without fear.

What if we used social media to Lift up our military community and others like never before?

Hear Stories. Share Stores

Gary Miracle RETURNS to the Unscripted Podcast.

Unscripted with T.C. Stallings

Unscripted with Mark Price – Round 2

Given em' Heaven

gfaith Media

He Will Fix It.

He Will Fix It.

This morning as we were all getting ready for work and school, I heard a small voice calling from the kitchen downstairs. The little voice sounded concerned but not panicked. I figured it was important but not life threatening. As a parent, it doesn’t take long to...

The Hills We Die On

The Hills We Die On

There are select set of phrases that have found there way into my lexicon over the years. If you’re around me long enough you’ve probably heard some of them. One of the ones that I use rather frequently in day-to-day business decisions is “It’s not a hill to die on.”...

A Reason or a Season

A Reason or a Season

The other day I had lunch with a few other people and heard one of the most interesting statements. I immediately put it in my mental “keeper” file. The point of the discussion isn’t all that important, but what one of the people said was. In making an analogy about...


We understand the struggles and hardships that accompany military service. Our hope is to make things a little brighter for those on active duty, Veterans and military spouses by providing them with encouraging bible-based messages from preachers, influencers, artists and every day people who want to share their stories and talent with them.

Our Commitment To The Community

gfaith is collaborating with colleges and universities to offer private internships in technology in an effort to continually deliver unique content to God’s people like never before.


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