Bringing God's Message to U.S. Troops All Over the World.

We are all made in God's image.


To reverse the epidemic of veteran suicide and disease one veteran at a time.


To Equip all veterans and their family members with the Courage, Skills and Tools to achieve total Spiritual, Mental, and Physical wellness.

WHAT IS gfaith

gfaith stands for ‘Guerrilla Faith’. We are a team of Christian men and women that have united to create a Christ centered platform for individuals , churches, and the military community to openly engage in their beliefs at work, at school, and on social media without fear.

What if we used social media to Lift up our military community and others like never before?

Listen. Share. Connect

Theology, Biblical teaching and encouragement from a former Special Operations Medic, father, husband and lover of the Word of God.

Giving You Hope

gfaith Blog


We understand the struggles and hardships that accompany military service. Our hope is to make things a little brighter for those on active duty, Veterans and military spouses by providing them with encouraging bible-based messages from preachers, influencers, artists and every day people who want to share their stories and talent with them.

Our Commitment To The Community

gfaith is collaborating with colleges and universities to offer private internships in technology in an effort to continually deliver unique content to God’s people like never before.


Connecting the kingdom

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