The Mission
What is the Gfaith Mission?
To leverage cutting edge technology to boldly share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To provide Christians around the world with technology designed to help them grow in their faith. To always give back 70% of net profits to "the least of these". (Matthew 25:40)
New Product Innovation
Gfaith has brought together some of the brightest minds in tech, ministry, business, military leadership, and finance.
Video Library
The Gfaith Library will be adding video products late Fall 2019!
Product Pipeline
We are committed to provide exciting tech products for Christians around the world. Stay tuned for upcoming product announcements at
Our Commitment to Veterans
Gfaith is a 100% veteran owned company with leadership representing all four military branches. Our corporate promise to give 70% back to "the least of these", includes our veteran and active duty community. Stay tuned for information about Gfaith programs that are being launched nationally to help veterans in need.